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2017 Art of the Derby Postcard 6x9"
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2017 Art of the Derby Postcard


This attractive oversized postcard features the official 2017 Art of the Derby, produced by Kentucky artist Jim Cantrell. Measures 6X9."

About the Artist
"The one sporting event I remember my father enjoying took place every year on the first Saturday of May, the Kentucky Derby horse race. Living in Nebraska he could only listen to it on the radio," said Jim Cantrell. "His love for horses meant owning one and thus riding a horse was a part of my life growing up. Now, after living and working in Kentucky for the past 46 years, I feel a real sense of honor in being selected for this prestigious commission, and I know my father would be proud as well."

Cantrell, who is known for his ability to paint the figure, was Berea College's first Potter-In-Residence in 1970. Since then the former high school art teacher and Associate Professor of Art in Nebraska has enjoyed a successful career as an independent studio artist. His paintings are in the permanent collections of 14 art museums in the U.S., including Kentucky's Speed Museum and Owensboro Museum of Fine Art. His work is in numerous private collections around the world and has been exhibited in the U.S. Embassy in Riga, Latvia as part of the Art in Embassies program. Cantrell is the recipient of two Al Smith Fellowships from the Kentucky Arts Council and one from the Southern Arts Federation. He has been awarded Alumni of the Year for Creative Achievement from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he received his BFA in Fine Art Education and from the University of Northern Colorado where he received his Masters of Art Degree.


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