1933 Broker's Tip Tac Pin
This pin honors Brokers Tip, winner of the controversial 1933 Kentucky Derby, often called the “Fighting Finish.” The legendary race took place on a muddy track, on which Brokers Tip managed to close the one-length lead of Head Play in the last stretch. As the two horses raced neck and neck to the finish, jockeys Don Meade and Herb Fischer appeared to be engaging in a fight at full gallop. While there are varying accounts of what actually took place during the fight and who instigated, the fight is cited as one of the more disgraceful moments in Derby history.
The Blood-Horse magazine reported, “through the last three-sixteenths of a mile the contest was not a horse race so much as a hand-to-hand combat between the jockeys.” Brokers Tip won by only a nose, and Head Play jockey Fischer maintained till his death that he was the rightful winner of the race. Head Play would go on to win the Preakness that year, while Brokers Tip would never win another race in his career.
Brokers Tip’s win was fairly miraculous. He was bred by “Colonel” Edward R. Bradley at the Idle Hour Stock Farm, only to be born with a hereditarily malformed foot and hoof. The malformation would cause him chronic leg pain, despite having his foot reshaped. He was trained by Henry J. Thomson.
A Kentucky Derby Museum Exclusive.
Pin measures 0.75 X 1”.

Item #006845

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