"The Kentucky Derby" by Bill Doolittle
Penned by local sportswriter and noted Kentucky Derby historian Bill Doolittle, this beautiful coffee table-quality tome features nearly 200 pages of the colorful history and epic heroism of the great race. Informative and captivating essays accompanied by 175 photographs from the sport’s finest photographers will tug and your heartstrings and capture your imagination. You’ll be able to picture yourself trackside on the first Saturday in May!

The Kentucky Derby book features Digimarc Discover® technology (digital watermarking) for today’s rapidly expanding, tech-savvy audience. Digital watermarks are imperceptible digital data embedded in images that is readable by mobile phones and tablets, linking the reader to interactive multimedia content on the web. By incorporating Digimarc’s digital watermarks into the book, race fans are brought closer to a live action, virtual, first-person experience. It links the reader to thrilling race videos and fascinating archives of the people who make Derby history.

Scan a photo of Whirlaway and see and hear the call of the 1941 Kentucky Derby. Or hover your smart phone or tablet over the photo of the Derby’s most famous beverage and learn how to make a mint julep!
To experience Digimarc Discover, follow these simple steps:
  1. Download the free app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play (simply search for “Digimarc”).
  2. Launch the app and view the animated tutorial showing how it works.
  3. Look for the symbol throughout the book and point the phone at the center of the accompanying images (not the symbol). The app works best in well-lit areas.
  4. Hold your phone about 4-6" away and parallel to the page, allowing the camera to focus. If you do not get an immediate connection, slowly adjust the distance from the page.
  5. Experience print come to life.

About the Author: Bill Doolittle enjoys a long association with the Kentucky Derby. He served as writer/historian for the exhibit design team that created the Kentucky Derby Museum, was the on-track handicapper at Churchill Downs, and has covered decades of Derbys for publications such as Louisville Magazine and LEO Weekly. He is the author of the 1998 best-selling The Kentucky Derby and How to Be a Better Bettor Book. He also writes about history, sports and classical music.

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