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Triple Crown Ribbon Charm  by Darren K. Moore
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Triple Crown Ribbon Charm by Darren K. Moore


Celebrate the recent 2015 Triple Crown win of American Pharoah with this beautiful, hand-crafted keepsake.

About the Artist: "I was born in Kentucky. From an early age I showed an interest in art and enjoyed drawing and painting. At about ten years old I began taking art instruction. My family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1975 when I was thirteen. In 1976 my father bought a jewelry business in Old Town Scottsdale. My exposure to fine jewelry slowly began making an impact on me and so naturally, my artistic expression started to shift from oils and watercolors, to the mediums of precious stones and metals. Yet, having grown up in an area so immersed in horse culture, it seemed inevitable that horses would emerge in what I was making. So, in 1993, I began creating a series of unique equine designs focusing primarily on thoroughbred racing. With each individually handcrafted piece, my desire is to capture the emotion and excitement of thoroughbred racing." -Darren K. Moore


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